Services Offered

Our appraisals are utilized by financial institutions, attorneys, accountants, governmental agencies and investors\developers for a variety of uses, which are listed below.  If you are unsure what you need or don’t see what you need, please contact Wayne for additional information

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Services

Our appraisals are utilized by financial institutions, attorneys, accountants, governmental agencies and investors/developers for a variety of uses as indicated below.

Mortgage Financing:

A real estate appraisal is often utilized by the lender as a risk management tool to determine the adequacy of the real estate as collateral for a possible loan. We provide appraisals that comply with all regulator requirements as well as any special requirements of the lending institution. We are approved by most major lending institutions in the region.


We provide independent, third party reviews that consider compliance with USPAP and other standards along with an analysis of the reasonableness for the appraisal’s assumptions, methodology and conclusions. The scope of the review services can be tailored to the specific needs of the assignment ranging from a desk review to a more in depth review and analysis.


We provide appraisals of estates with retrospective (historical) dates as well as current appraisals for purposes of estate planning.

Litigation Support:

We provide thoroughly supported and well documented appraisals that can with stand the most demanding scrutiny for use in divorce, bankruptcy and other areas of litigation.

Property Taxes:

We review the property taxes of commercial property for purposes of tax appeals.


We can provide you with appraisals to provide you with an insurable value for use in insurance underwriting. We also provide appraisals with retrospective (historical) dates for purposes of determining property losses.

Eminent Domain / Condemnation:

We provide appraisals for purposes of right-of-way acquisitions for governmental agencies and engineering companies. In addition, we also provide appraisals for property owners involved in Eminent domain and condemnation.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services

Consulting services include feasibility studies, market studies, financial analysis, partial interest analysis and buy/sell analysis as listed below.

Feasibility Studies:

We provide detail feasibility studies of hotels and other potential projects by providing a thorough analysis of the potential costs and the potential market for a proposed development. We can also provide feasibility studies for redevelopment properties along with highest and best use analysis.

Market Studies:

We prepare in-depth, market studies of apartments and other potential developments by providing a through analysis of the supply and demand factors for a specific market.

Replacement Reserve Analysis:

We provide detail analysis of the costs and estimated lives of the short-lived components for a property to determine the adequacy of replacement reserves.

Financial Analysis:

We provide cash flow analysis and forecasts, market rent estimates, lease analysis and other analysis that are determined by specific needs and requirements of the appraisal problem.

Partial Interest Analysis:

We provide an analysis of a fractional interest in a portion of a real estate asset or a real estate partnership.

Buy / Sell Analysis:

We prepare analysis of properties using criterion provided by an investor or based on current market expectations.

Business Valuations

We provide valuations for variety of business entities and purposes.  Since the credentials of our princiapal include the MAI and ABV (Accredited in Business Valuation) designations, we are uniquely gualified to provide business valuations of companies where real estate is a significant asset.  Typical uses for business valuations are for family limited partnerships, gift\estate planning, buy\sell agreements, going concern financing, minority interests, partner\shareholder transactions, merger\acquisitions and litigation.